Flaky shortbread crust, home-made caramel, pillows of marshmallow and a finishing layer of chocolate. Some would have a different name for this; like heaven!! but we call it the “mallowBar”

Ingredients: Chocolate, butter, sugar, flour, salt, cream, gelatin, egg whites.


Lots of mixed salty nuts wrapped in caramel for all you crazy nuts out there. Sometimes one nut, sometimes a variety. We like to mix it up… we’ve been know to be kinda nutty that way 😉

Ingredients: Nuts, cream, honey, sugar, vanilla, salt


Creamy toasted caramel cheesecake with a thin crunchy brûlée top. Can’t go wrong with that!

Ingredients: Cream cheese, cream, graham cracker, sugar, egg, vanilla, cornstarch, butter.