What better way to spend your afternoon than in a cozy cafe. We offer specialty coffees made with Illy coffee, locally sourced Tea Guy Teas, fresh juice or kombucha, or if you’re feeling really relaxed, add a shot of Baileys to that coffee….

Illy Coffee

Brewed Coffee  | Americano | Cappuccino | Latte | Mocha | Espresso

Specialty Drinks

Macchiato  – espresso topped with steamed milk 

Marocchino  – mini mocha 🙂 

Cappuccino Viennese  – cappuccino w/ whip cream & cocoa 

Melted Chocolate Bar  – Chocolate ganache, steamed milk & whip cream 

‘The Tea Guy’ Teas

TEA : Green (jasmine Chun mee) | Rooibos ( vanilla bourbon) | Herbal (peppermint, citrus chamomile, crimson berry, ginger) | Black (Irish breakfast, cream of Earl Grey, Chai) 

Matcha Latte | London Fog | Chai Latte 

Blume Lattes 

Turmeric, Chilli Turmeric, Cacao Turmeric or Beetroot lattes 

Cold Drinks 

Iced Coffee | Iced Americano  | Iced latte | Iced Mocha | Iced Chai Latte 

Shaken Iced Tea – Hibiscus & grapefruit | Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice | RISE Kombucha | San Pellegrino 

Boylen Sodas – rootbeer, cream soda, gingerale, black cherry 


NUEZ NUT MILK, flavoured syrups, extra shot espresso, breve, misto – ask and you shall receive! (charges do apply) 


Wine – Red, White & Rosé

Beer & Cider 

Baileys coffee – Single shot baileys, illy coffee, topped with whip and cocoa 

Pick-me ups – Double shot baileys & double shot espresso over ice 

Prosecco & Mimosas (Prosecco, fresh OJ, Cointreau)