PIES 🥧 PIES 🥧 PIES 🥧!!! ⁣⁣

Get those Thanksgiving pie orders in today!! ⁣⁣

⁣Traditional Pumpkin Pie 10” $30 ⁣⁣
Add Chantilly cream and roast seeds +$3 ⁣⁣
Rustic Pecan pie 10” $33 ⁣⁣
Grandma’s Apple Pie 10” $33 ⁣⁣

Call, email or pop in! ⁣⁣
604-986-6886 info@bjornbarbakery.com⁣

Pickup dates: ⁣⁣
Friday October 11th (after 9am)⁣⁣
Saturday October 12th (after 10am)⁣⁣
Sunday October 13th (after 10am) ⁣⁣
Monday October 14th (after 10am) ⁣⁣

All pie orders must be in by Wednesday October 9th. ⁣⁣


So colorful, so fun!! Puffed rice, marshmallow, funfetti, white chocolate, love, happiness, and rainbows 🌈!

Ingredients: Puffed rice, egg whites, sugar,  butter, vanilla, gelatine, Funfetti, white chocolate. 

Hot Chocolate Fest!

January just got a whole lot sweeter….

The 9th Annual Hot Chocolate Fest is around the corner and we are pumped to be joining the ranks this year!

BjornBar will offer 3 delicious flavours over a 4 week period. This means you will need to visit us at least 3 times during the festival to indulge in all the flavours available! Sneaky us 😉 Our concoctions are listed below or head to http://www.hotchocolatefest.com for all the participating venues and 70+ flavour options.

What will be your fave?!

Week 1….

Dark chocolate ganache hot chocolate piled high with mini chocolate “b-bombs”.
Finished with a chocolate drizzle.
Available: January 19 – 25

Week 2…

White chocolate coconut ganache hot chocolate.
Topped with Funfetti Sprinkles and Mini Party Meringues.
Available: January 26 – February 1

Week 3…

Salted caramel white chocolate.
Served with a piece of Dark Chocolate Bark and a sprinkle of Fleur de Sel.
Available: February 2 – 8

Week 4…

A repeat of the most popular flavour of the previous three weeks.
Available: February 9 – 14


Dark chocolate graham cracker crust topped with a red velvet cheesecake and finished with a dusting of Cacao Barry Extra Brut Cocoa powder. This is one velvet beauty!

Ingredients: Cream cheese, graham crumb, butter, cocoa powder, cream, sugar, vanilla, eggs, cornstarch, red colour 



Moist spiced cookie with a freshly roasted pumpkin cream-cheese filling and a hazelnut streusel top. 

Ingredients: Pumpkin, hazelnut, butter, flour, brown-sugar, salt, cream cheese, sugar, eggs, maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves. 


COOKIE DOUGH AND CHOCOLATE! this contains all thing good! Chocolate, Baileys, whip cream and cookie dough…our kinda breakup 🙂 

Ingredients: Chocolate, butter, flour, cream, brown sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla, salt, baking soda, honey, baileys 


Let’s just say ours are double stuffed. Chocolate graham crust bottom, vanilla cheesecake filling, and fudge covered graham cracker top! 

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, cocoa powder, graham crumb, butter, eggs, cream, vanilla, sugar, cornstarch, honey, cream cheese.