All our lunch offerings are designed to perfection in our beautiful in house kitchen and baked fresh daily. Filled with the highest quality ingredients and fresh produce sourced by local vendors, everything is full of flavour and bursting with freshness.


QUICHE – Made with a light and tender all butter crust; this quiche will melt in your mouth. Always fresh, always delicious $5.50

OMELETTE MUFFIN – Eggs, cheese and delicious filling! Ham and cheese or vegetarian options available. Gluten free 🙂 $5.50

ART TART – House made basil pesto, artichoke hearts and gruyere cheese toasted on top of all butter puff pastry $5.50

GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE – A perfectly seasoned cracked egg surrounded by sharp cheddar cheese, baked to perfection on top of puff pastry and finished with chopped Italian parsley.  $5.50 (weekends only)

MAC & CHEESE – Grandma’s recipe! $5.50

SPINACH ROLL – Spinach. Feta. Dill. Delicious. $5.25

SAUSAGE ROLL – Made with fresh ground pork, veal, rosemary, garlic & Dijon. These will have you wanting more, guaranteed! $5.50

HAM & CHEESE CROISSANT – Fresh baked croissant filled with sharp cheddar and thinly sliced honey ham $7.95

SANDWICHES – These beauties are made fresh daily and range in delicious flavours, all heated to perfection in our panini press. 

  • Hot Chick – Spicy Chicken breast, arugula, caramelized onions & jalepeno havarti on a rustic baguette $13.50
  • Old Skool – Honey ham, sharp cheddar, grainy mustard & a pickle on sourdough $13.50
  • Grilled Cheese – Sharp cheddar, gruyere, parmesan and garlic butter on sourdough $11.50
  • Veggies Garden – House-made basil pesto, arugula, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, & moon dried tomatoes on cranberry sourdough $11.95
  • Beef Dip – House roasted beef and garlic butter on a baguette served with red wine and thyme jus $11.95
  • Quesadilla – BBQ chicken breast, cilantro pesto, moon dries tomatoes & jalepeno havarti on a soft tortilla shell $12.95
  • The Howie – Egg, bacon, and sharp cheddar on an English muffin! What’s better than that! 🙂 $5.50

MEDITERRANEAN PASTA SALAD – Penne pasta with sundries tomatoes, olives, feta & basil. Heat it up and top it with a scoop of creamy tomato basil soup and you’ve landed in Italy! $4.25 Add a scoop of tomato soup for $2 (when available)

TOMATO BOCCONCINI – Heirloom cherry tomatoes, fresh house-made basil pesto, & bocconcini $4.25 GF

QUINOA SALAD – Cucumber, mint, parsley, roasted pumpin seeds, raisins, roasted red pepper, green onion and lemon $4.25 GF/Vegan

SOUP – It could be creamy or full of noodles and veg; but it will always be served with a slice of our freshly made sourdough bread. Rotating flavours include: Creamy Tomato Basil, Green Pea, Mrs. Bjorn’s Minestrone, Beef Barley, Cajun Chicken and Quinoa, French Onion, and Chicken Vegetable and Rice, Chili con Carne.     Cup $4.50    Bowl $6

You are welcome to eat in, take out or you can enjoy the beautiful scenic patio outside our front door or on the third floor of our glorious building.

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