BjornBar cakes are piled high with bits and bobs and goodies all matching the specialty flavours inside!

We will make, bake and decorate your cake as fresh as can be!

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All cakes (excluding pavlova) are 4 layers cake and 3 layers filling. Personalized messages available upon request. 

If you require custom cakes larger than what we offer here, we are happy to quote you at 

4″ (6-8ppl) $27 

6” (10-12ppl) $42 

8” (16-20ppl) $70 

10” (26-32ppl) $98 

12″ (42-48ppl) $154 

~ Custom design requests subject to extra charge ~

Custom piping work – rosettes, scales etc. 4”, 6” – $5 / 8” – $10 / 10” -$15 / 12” – $20 

Ombre – $5 add on 

Lemon curd, ganache, caramel, nuts, extra fruit – 4”, 6” – $5 / 8” – $10 / 10” -$15 / 12” – $20 

Flowers – 4”, 6” – $15 / 8” – $20-$25 / 10” -$30 / 12” – $50 

Carrot Cake 

Cake: carrot cake with cream cheese 

Drip: maple glaze 

Topping: Toasted walnuts, cinnamon dust  

Chocolate Hazelnut 

Cake: chocolate cake with hazelnut buttercream 

Drip: Milk chocolate hazelnut 

Topping: BjornBar bars, praline grain & candies hazelnuts 

Cookies and Cream 

Cake: chocolate cake with Oreo cookie buttercream

Drip: chocolate glaze  

Topping: oreo cookies and cookies&cream bar  


Cake: vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream and layers of fresh strawberries 

Drip: White chocolate ganache & strawberries  

*Note: also available in the following flavours: blackberry, raspberry, banana, coconut, passionfruit, cherry, mango, blood orange. 

It’s my Party! (Funfetti) 

Cake: white cake with vanilla soak and sprinkles baked in with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles  

Top: Buttercream dollops with sprinkles   

Lemon Meringue 

Cake: vanilla cake, lemon soak and lemon buttercream 

Top: toasted Swiss meringue

Pavlova  (new softer pavlova) * Gluten Free * 

Cake: Crunchy and chewy pavlova  

Filling: Chantilly Cream & Strawberries 

Top: White chocolate drizzle and icing sugar dust

6″ (4-6ppl) $27 / 8″ (8-10ppl) $42 / 10″ (12-14ppl) $56

Peanut Butter Lovers 

Cake: chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream 

Drip: milk chocolate ganache 

Topping: wundaBar, tigerBar,  peanut brittle

Red Velvet 

Cake: Red velvet cake, Cream cheese icing  

Topping: cocoa dust, heart meringues and VelvetBar bits 

Salted Caramel 

Cake: vanilla cake, vanilla soak & salted caramel buttercream 

Drip: caramel 

Topping: spongeBar, brûléeBar, Fleur de Sel


Cake: white sponge cake, Kahlua and coffee soak with mascarpone buttercream filling  

Topping: Cacao dust, chocolate shavings, beansBar and meringues 

Triple Chocolate 

Cake: chocolate cake, chocolate ganache & chocolate buttercream 

Drip: dark chocolate ganache  

Toppings: Brownie, Trufflebar, chocolate shavings, Chocolate meringues  

Vanilla Vanilla  

Cake: vanilla cake, vanilla soak & vanilla buttercream. 

Topping: buttercream roses  

Everyone loves Cake…Order today! 🙂