30+ bars to choose from! Some chocolate, some fruit, some seasonal, all sensational!

Bars are priced at $2.95 with reduced pricing for larger quantities and are 2″ x 2″ in size. Please call 48 hours in advance for specialty ordered or hit the bar for the newest trending selection.

Certain bars are gluten free, just ask a ‘BAR’tender if you are interested. We use nuts, we love nuts, we are nuts. Please specify if you have an allergy. We are not a certified gluten free or nut free facility but try our best to keep them separate. 

And now to indulge in a little bit of bar heaven….

BeansBar*  – Let’s just say this is chocked full of beans. The base is a dark chocolate graham, the filling is bursting with freshly brewed coffee cream and the top has a hint of espresso mixed into smooth and silky dark chocolate and topped off with a light dusting of cacao powder. (seasonal)
BlissBar* – Dark Chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate glaze, and toasted coconut. Our first vegan bar! 
BjornBar*  – Dark, milk and white chocolate, smooth hazelnut cream and crunchy wafers. The bar of all bars and our signature bar!
BountiBar  – Scoops of soft coconut macaroon layered on a gooey dark chocolate cookie (GF, this is hard to believe but I’m telling you it’s GF)
BrownieBar – Dark chocolate brownie filled with roasty toasty almonds.
BreakupBar*  – COOKIE DOUGH, CHOCOLATE AND BOOZE! this contains all thing good! Chocolate, caramel, cookie dough & BAILEYS :)…and more cookies on top!
BrûléeBar*  – Creamy toasted caramel cheesecake with a thin crunchy brûlée top.
BunnyBar* – Carrot cake topped with a creamy cinnamon cheesecake. (seasonal)
CheesyBar*  – So the cheesecake walked into the bar… Ok that was bad but this bar isn’t! Graham cracker crust and creamy creamy creamy vanilla bean cheesecake topped off with a fresh strawberry. 
Cookies&CreamBar*  – Let’s just say ours are double stuffed. Chocolate graham crust bottom, vanilla cheesecake filling, and fudge covered Oreo cookie top!
Deep,Dark&SpicyBar*  – Dark chocolate crust filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache spiced with cayenne and cinnamon then topped with shavings of pure dark chocolate and a cayenne dust. HOT! 
EdgemontBar*  – Creamy chocolate, gooey marshmallow and slivered almonds all rolled together in toasted coconut. YES! (Gluten Free) 
ElvisBar* – Chocolate graham cracker base with a banana cream filling and a peanut-butter chocolate top. “Thank ya Thank ya very much.”
FancypantsBar  – Layers of vanilla cake, puff pastry and  fluffy vanilla bean buttercream waiting to be devoured.
FruityBar* – Strawberry cream filling between crunchy chocolate, almond & coconut base, topped with white chocolate and strawberry pearls. 
KrispieBar  – Puffed rice, marshmallow, funfetti, white chocolate, love, happiness, and rainbows 🌈
LimeBar*  – Freshly squeezed zesty lime curd paired with a graham cracker crust, topped wth toasted Swiss meringue and lime zest. Fresh! 
LemonBar*  – So refreshing and freshly squeezed. Shortbread crust topped with a lemon curd and icing sugar. If you like to fancy things up a bit we also have it topped with Meringue. (see below)
LemonMeringueBar*  – The famous lemon bar topped with marshmallowy swiss meringue and toasted to perfection.
MagicBar  – Magic bar, hello dolly, 7 layer. However you know it, we got it. Graham cracker crust, chocolate chips, toasted almonds, coconut and the gooey finishing touch…condensed milk.  
MallowBar  – Flaky shortbread crust, homemade caramel, pillows of marshmallow and a finishing layer of chocolate. Some would have a different name for this; like heaven!! but we call it the “mallowBar” 
MangoBar* – Mango and cheesecake in a bar! Oh yes, I’m so fresh!
MakeupBar*  – Crunchy chocolate, almond & coconut base, passionfruit cream, topped with dark and white chocolate. 
MintBar*  – Peppermint and chocolate. Always a refreshing choice 🙂
NanaimoBar*  – The classic with a BjornBar twist. A little sweet, a little salty.
PartyBar  – Chocolate cake topped with buttercream icing and sprinkles. Decor changes seasonally. (Custom coloured icing and decor can be requested. Don’t be shy, just ask. Minimum orders do apply)
PecanPieBar  – PIE! Pecan Pie! Shortbread crust topped with gooey pecan pie filling. YUM!
PistachioBar*  – Well it’s green for starters! Then we sandwiched pistachio butter cream between chocolate, coconut, pistachios and graham crackers. Yay! 
RaspBar*  – Fresh raspberries, a touch of lemon and a light shortbread base topped with a creamy Swiss meringue and freeze dried raspberries.  
SmoreBar*  – You got it. Graham crackers, chocolate and toasted marshmallow done our way 😉
SpumoniBar*  – Chocolate chip and fresh cherry coconut macaroon base topped with white chocolate pistachio ganache. (Gluten Free)
TigerBar*  – Starting with a layer of white and milk chocolate mixed with peanut butter and crunchy wafer, topped with a peanut butter chocolate mousse and finished with a white chocolate peanut butter top. Only for peanut-butter lovers!
TiramisuBar*  – A beautiful soft spongecake, soaked with coffee and Kahlua, topped with a coffee mascarpone icing and a dusting of rich cocoa powder. 
TruffleBar*  – Rich 58% dark chocolate truffle infused with Cream of Earl grey tea and coated in pure extra brute cocoa powder. Decadent! (flavours change seasonally) GF
TurtleBar  – Graham cracker crust topped with toasted whole pecans, chocolate chips and dulce de leche. So good!
VelvetBar*  – Dark chocolate graham cracker crust with a red velvet cheesecake centre, finished with a dusting of Cacao Barry Extra Brut Cocoa powder to finish this velvet beauty! (seasonal)
WundaBar  – Buttery peanut butter, smooth chocolate, crunchy wafer and a layer of caramel sandwiched between goodness and then some more goodness…;)

Order 6 or more bars and save the tax!

(Does not apply for large catering events. Please email info@bjornbarbakery or call (604) 986-6886 for larger orders)

All bars with a * require refrigeration 
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For an ingredients list of all our bars, check out the ‘New at the Bar’ page and select the bar you’re looking for.  If it’s not there, just ask a ‘Bar’tender, we are always happy to help!