Are you passionate, polite, professional and have great attention to detail? We are always looking for great staff to join our team. Send your resume to 

BjornBar Positions :

‘Bar’tender – this position is the best. You get to meet people, describe all the amazing baked goods, make beautiful boxes of goodies, fill tummies with warm coffees and melted chocolate beverages and at the same time keep BjornBar looking fabulous for all our guests! I want this job 😉 

Pastry Chef/ Helper – We take huge pride in all the pastries and baked goods we produce. I’m looking for someone with the same passion, dedication and drive that will treat these beautiful bars with the same respect I do. HUGE RESPONSIBILITY, but you can do it! 

Dishwasher/Prep cook/Busser – this is an all-in-one job and so important! Where would we be if we didn’t have our lemons juiced or our butter cut, let alone clean dishes and clean tables?!

We need you! Apply now! 

FoodSafe Level 1 and Serving it Right required. If you don’t have either, hop on line and do it now!

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