Sometimes life gets in the way and you forget about a special event or dinner party you were meant to organize. Well we are here to help! We have specially selected party boxes that are perfectly suited for a quick grab-and-go, no worries execution. All these treats can be transported with ease; no fuss, no muss, you just have to pick them up! (48 hours notice is required but if you are in a bind, we will do our best!) 

To order: 

  1. Let us know how many people are in your party (8 person minimum)
  2. Choose your Party Box. (Each box containing approx. 2 items per person)
  3. We’ll do the rest.
PastryBox – $4 per person 

A beautiful assortment of mini Croissants, Scones, B-Bombs, and Cinnamons buns.

LunchBox – $7 per person 

Mini Sausage rolls, Spinach rolls, Quiche, Artichoke tarts and Ham/cheese croissants. Ready for any lunch party! 

TeaPartyBox – $5 per person

Assorted delicious tea sandwiches. Rectangles, triangles, and squares cut perfectly for any tea party. (Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Roast Beef/Arugula, Honey Ham/Butter lettuce, Cucumber/Cream-cheese)

CookieBox – $4 per person 

Assorted cookies, meringues, macaroons and biscotti.

“Let’s hit the Bar” Box – $4 per person

BjornBar’s Best! An assortment of gourmet dessert bars cut into 1″ x 2″, perfect for any guest. (4 per person)  

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we are happy to help. Just pop in and we’ll sort you out from our assortment of fresh baked goods.