BjornBar cakes are piled high with bits and bobs and goodies all matching the specialty flavours inside! They come in various sizes and require 72 hour notice. We will make, bake and decorate your cake as fresh as can be!

If you require custom cakes larger than what we offer here, we are happy to quote you at 


Matching our delicious ‘BjornBar’, this cake is layered full of hazelnut crunch, chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze, and drizzled chocolate all around. The beauty is b(j)orn.

Small 6″ (6-8ppl) $36          

Medium 8″(12-16ppl) $72          

Large 10″ (24-28ppl) $128 


Moist carrot cake, creamy cream cheese icing, walnuts, cinnamon….do I need to keep going? It’s delicious beyond words. 

Small 6″ (6-8ppl) $29       

Medium 8″(12-16ppl) $59     

Large 10″(24-28ppl) $104


Just like our CheesyBar this cake is filled with creamy creamy creamy vanilla bean cheesecake on top a layer of golden graham cracker crust. We’ll even decorate this beauty with seasonal fruit to make it oh so pretty! 

Small 6″ half cake (6-8ppl) $29          

Medium 8″ (12-16ppl) $59        

Large 10″ (24-28ppl) $104


Homemade deep and dark caramel mixed throughout this beautifully creamy slow-baked vanilla bean cheesecake and then topped off with a thin layer of crunchy brûlée…Indulge! 

Small 6″ half cake (6-8ppl) $29  

Medium 8″ (12-16ppl) $59 

Large 10″ (24-28ppl) $104



This is one of my childhood favorites. It wasn’t called the Fancy but it was pretty fancy to me. Layers of vanilla sponge cake soaked with vanilla syrup, topped with vanilla bean buttercream and puff pastry. Layer upon layer of this goodness then covered in buttercream, icing sugar and berries. Fancy Fancy Fancy! 

Small 6″ (6-8ppl) $29         

Medium 8″ (12-16ppl) $59       

Large 10″ (24-28ppl) $104


Fresh and light! Layers of lemon infused sponge cake, tangy lemon curd and vanilla buttercream covered from head to toe and high to the sky with Swiss meringue lightly toasted to perfection. Like biting into a cloud. A delicious cloud. 

Small 6″ (6-8ppl) $29         

Medium 8″(12-16ppl) $59       

Large 10″(24-28ppl) $104


A decadently rich chocolate cake for all you chocolate lovers out there. Layers of chocolate espresso cake, coffee buttercream and chocolate fudge, coated in chocolate glaze, coffee butter cream and espresso beans! Oh my…!  

Small 6″ (6-8ppl) $32              

Medium 8″ (12-16ppl) $63            

Large 10″ (24-28ppl) $112


What’s a party without icing and sprinkles! Chocolate or vanilla cake layered with vanilla buttercream (any colour you choose), topped with colourful sprinkles all over. LET’S PARTY! 

Small 6″ (6-8ppl) $27        

Medium 8″ (12-16ppl) $54      

Large 10″ (24-28ppl) $96    


Crunchy and chewy meringue, vanilla bean chantilly cream and fresh berries layered throughout and on top. Very delicate, very light, very berry good! 

Small 6″ (6ppl) $27            

Medium 8″ (10-12ppl) $42           

Large 10″ (14-16ppl) $56 



We all know what a s’more is; well ours is just a little more special 🙂 Graham crust, chocolate ganache, and  house-made toasted marshmallows all piled high in a towering hill of glory.

Small 6″ (6-8ppl) $34    

Medium 8″ (12-16ppl) $67  

Large 10″ (24-28ppl) $104


Email or call us at the shop to place your cake order. If you would like a personalized message written on the cake, just let us know! We love writing in chocolate!