IMG_1161All our lunch offerings are designed to perfection in our beautiful in house kitchen and baked fresh daily. Filled with the highest quality ingredients and fresh produce sourced by local vendors, everything is full of flavour and bursting with freshness.


TARTS & PIZZA– Made with all butter puff pastry, these will be sure to satisfy your hunger. Flavours such as Artichoke & Gruyere and Heirloom tomato, Mozzarella & Olive will be amongst the list often..

GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE – Perfect for anytime of the day, this flaky puff pastry tart is topped with sharp cheddar, a cracked egg, salt and pepper and fresh Italian parsley 

QUICHE – Made with a light and tender all butter crust; this quiche will melt in your mouth. We play with flavors such as mushroom & onion or tomato, parmesan & Dijon. Always fresh, always delicious

MAC & CHEESE – Grandma’s recipe! 

SPINACH ROLL – Spinach. Feta. Dill. Delicious. 

SAUSAGE ROLL – Made with fresh ground pork, veal, rosemary, garlic & Dijon. These will have you wanting more, guaranteed! 

SANDWICHES – These beauties are made fresh daily and range in delicious flavours, all heated to perfection in our panini press. 

MEDITERRANEAN PASTA SALAD – Penne pasta with sundries tomatoes, olives, feta & basil.

TOMATO BOCCONCINI – Heirloom cherry tomatoes, fresh pesto, & bocconcini

SOUP – It could be creamy or full of noodles and veg; but it will always be served with freshly made croutons

Add a PARMESAN TWIST for extra dipping yumminess!

You are welcome to eat in, take out or you can enjoy the beautiful scenic patio outside our front door or on the third floor of our glorious building.